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Now selling at my ebay store...

PLEASE have a look, only a few days left!

Link to these items and more!
Sorry I've been slacking with the "daily" part. But you guys can post to!

Incidentally, I'm selling Eric's The greedy bastard diary and Michael's Around the world in 80 days - both hardback - on eBay.


Hullo! New(ish) guy here!

Aaah, my first post on this community. Lovely stuff.
Hi everyone, mi name's Naomi/Ray/Nomi/Nell/Numpty (I have various names teehee) and I'm relatively new to LJ.
Since some of you already know me on pythonslash and on pythonline (as Mrs. Attila the Hun), there's not much point of a detailed introduction of myself, so I'm just gonna say 'HULLO!' and leave you with some spam ...

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A Boring Monday Morning

Can be so less-boring if you have something to do!

Sorry, I hope this isn't antiethical of me.

For your Sunday

A cap of Jonesy directing "Life of Brian"!

Terry Jones

Michael Palin to Front Stammer Programme

Michael Palin

Michael Palin has explored the plight of young stammer sufferers for a new U.K. TV show.

The British funnyman helped launch the Michael Palin Center for Stammering Children in London in 1993, five years after starring as Ken Pile, a stuttering gangster, in A Fish Called Wanda.

The cause has always been close to his heart - his own father Edward suffered a severe speech impediment.

Palin has now taken his fight to raise awareness of the condition to the small screen - he's followed six stuttering youngsters for new BBC show My Life: Stammer School.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "If children can leave here with their stammer reduced and confidence restored, it's the best feeling you can have."

The program will air on 26 February (11).


Hey! I have cookies!

In fact, I have a Michael Palin drawing, but that's almost the same think, isn't it?

Thank you, Solidfoamsoul (miss) for the invitation! These Python comms are kind of rare...

Robin Williams likes it Rough

Here is your daily debauchery of the Python persuasion.

Eric Idle
Hey guys I'm selling a few Monty Python related things on the ebay! Eric Idle's The Greedy Bastard Tour Diary, Pocket Full of Python: Eric Idle, Michael Palin's Pole to Pole, one of the Volumes of the Python DVDs and this one has the German episode!

I love this damn hat. I want it. Badly.
Eric Idle


Okay Okay

I think it's a good time to say the Voting is done for that banner contest!

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted!

Our winner is...


This banner made by the lovely and talented nuala_marie with 9 votes!!